What is the value of happy citizens?

We believe that the medical profile of this generation will be consumer-controlled, blockchain-based, OMICS-data-centric & AI-powered.


We create a world where all health data is collected on a large scale and accessible in one secure place, a world of predictive analytics, personalised health advises, a world with accelerated multi-partner collaborations to make best medical decisions.


Healthcare Experience. Reinvented.

Take back your healthcare informations.

As a patient, Kantum gives you access to all your health information, a medical AI able to anticipate diseases and act accordingly. A book of your life on the blockchain.

As a professional, Kantum, by giving you access to your patients' history, their daily health, and a proactive AI, saves you a lot of time to focus on what matters - your patients.

As a government, Kantum creates an environment with fewer medications, fewer drugs, fewer consultations, less surgery, who significant less cost and so make happier citizens.

There is only one future left for healthcare
Consumer controlled. AI-powered. OMICS centric

Your health in one place

Blockchain-based Healthcare Information Ecosystem

We bring together all your quantified biology, from lab tests and medications to how your environmental exposures relates to your health. You own your data. It’s encrypted and securely transferred using the blockchain to ensure the integrity of the data. You control when and who to share it with. When you are on top of your health, you know where you stand and how you can improve.

  • Glocal

    Kantum is redefines the healthcare industry on a global scale. We are building a standard and interoperable protocol of health on the blockchain. Kantum is HL7 and HIPAA compliant. Kantum create a world where you can be French, be sick in Dubai and be provided with great healthcare because the doctors have access to your global historical data.

  • Democratize data

    Free data from silos and let researchers, doctors, patients, and institutions working together for better, cheaper and faster health.

  • Secure by design

    Central databases are preferred target for hackers. Kantum encrypts your data with the AES-256 encryption algorithm and uses the blockchain to ensure the integrity of them.

Predict what can be prevented

Too many diseases exist, common or rare, without means of effective prevention. By directly enabling the exchange of data, you allow researchers to speed up their analyses and build AI-powered predictive analytics for smarter health decisions. You leverage your information for taking the necessary steps to prevent potential diseases.

Kantum provides an API to let developers make incredible conversational bots who can make a diagnosis. One of the first ones will be Kidner, a bot that finding a match for kidney paired-donation. But you can imagine bot for incentive efforts to fight diabetes or a bot for coaching the weight loss.
To demonstrate the power of our API, we have developed skinCancerBot which, by taking a photo, uses Deep Neural Network and optimization techniques to predict if a melanoma is a cancer or not. Try our skin cancer bot


Our goal is to reduce health costs by 90%.

Today an American costs 10,348 dollars each year in healthcare1. We can disrupt that with the support of innovative government by making ecosystem of data and AI who will decrease the need for providing healthcare.